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Events listed here are hosted by Doggone Safe members or Doggone Safe members are otherwise involved with the event. To be listed an event must have an educational purpose consistent with the mandate of Doggone Safe. Eligible events include positive reinforcement-based dog training seminars, dog behavior seminars and events related to education about dog bite prevention. Fundraising events that do not provide public education are not eligible for listing here (dog walks, adoption events or spay/neuter clinics for example). Doggone Safe reserves the right to decide which events to list.

There is a selection of webinars, online programs and live events

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    • 18 Aug 2017
    • 1:00 PM
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    Presented by Pat Miller

    CEUs: PPAB 1.5, CCPDT (pending), IAABC (pending)

    Much of what we call canine aggression is widely misunderstood and demonized behavior in the dog world. In fact, much of canine aggression is natural, normal socially adaptive behavior that is intended to *avoid* conflict rather than cause it. It is often the inappropriate human response that causes the dog's behavior to escalate to dangerous levels.

    This webinar discusses aggression, what is normal versus pathological, and how dog training and behavior professionals can help their clients understand and live with their dogs peacefully. We will explore management and modification protocols for aggression, how to know if you are qualified and ready to work with aggression cases, and when it is appropriate to recommend euthanasia for a client's dog. (Spoiler alert... I have *never*)


    • Gain a better understanding of canine aggression
    • Dispel myths about aggression
    • Discuss protocols for modifying aggressive behavior
    • Explore whether professionals are qualified to handle aggression cases

    About The Presenter

    Pat Miller is a Certified Behavior Consultant, Canine (KA), Certified Professional Dog Trainer (KA), past president of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (US) and past board member of the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. Miller worked at the Marin Humane Society in Novato, California from 1976 to 1996, first as a volunteer, then in customer service, as a humane officer, Customer Service Supervisor, Field Supervisor, and for the final ten years as Director of Operations. During this time, she obtained an Associate Degree in Administration of Justice and a BS in Business Administration. In 1996 Miller left the Humane Society to launch Peaceable Paws in Monterey, California.

    Miller now offers group good manners classes, private training and behavior modification services, dog training workshops and trainer academies at her Peaceable Paws 80-acre training facility in Fairplay, Maryland, where she and her husband Paul live with their three dogs, eight cats, four horses, five chickens, and a pot-bellied pig. In addition, Miller presents seminars and workshops around the world on a variety of training and behavior topics. She has authored seven books on dog behavior and training: “The Power of Positive Dog Training,” “Positive Perspectives,” “Positive Perspectives 2,” “Play With Your Dog,” “Do-Over Dogs,” “How to Foster Dogs” and “Beware of the Dog.” Miller is training editor for The Whole Dog Journal, and also writes for several other publications, www.peaceablepaws.com. In May of 2015, Pat was named by Dog Fancy Magazine as one of 45 people who have changed the dog world.

    • 24 Aug 2017
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EDT)
    • Live Webinar

    Presented by Tristan Flynn

    CEUs: PPAB 1, CCPDT (pending), IAABC (pending)

    Dog parks and dog daycare's are becoming increasing popular in North America. It is common place for pet owners, daycare workers, and trainers to be around large (40+) groups of off leash dogs. Having a large playgroup results in different interactions, behaviors, risks and management strategies than dogs who are in smaller groups.

    This webinar will outline how to manage larger off leash groups, breed behavior in large groups, dangerous situations to watch for and avoid and an overall blueprint for how to successfully manage large playgroups for safe and healthy interactions off leash.


    • Learn breed specific behaviors when managing a large off leash group
    • Identify dangerous situations in large groups and how to avoid and control them
    • How to manage dog play in large play groups
    • The role of status and dominance in large play groups
    • Key Body Language to look for in off leash groups
    • How to deal with aggression and conflict in large play groups

    About The Presenter

    Tristan Flynn, CDBC, CPDT-KA is a certified trainer and behavior consultant. He owns Jollytails, Halifax's largest dog daycare, training, grooming and retail facility. Jollytails has roughly 140 dogs between their two locations daily for dog daycare.

    Tristan has lectured for PPG in several webinars and at the 2016 Summit and will be a presenter at the 2017 Summit in Orlando. Tristan has a training DVD, “The Leash Reactivity Blueprint” available through Tawzer Dog and Dogwise.

    Tristan has been featured on a variety of TV segments for Global News, CTV News and hosted a Radio show called the K9 Connection, which was heard in Atlantic Canada from 2013-2016.

    Tristan lives with his 9 year old Bernese Mountain Dog Freyja in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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